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“Go Fast Pull Up” now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc

After a few months wait, our 2019 feature-length documentary Go Fast Pull Up: the Jimmy LeVan Story is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Redbox, Xbox Video, Vudu and Vimeo in most countries!

Dynamic Link



Google Play





Hard copies with the book are still available too in Bluray or DVD format.

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“Go Fast Pull Up” review by Jeff Mozer

Photo: Sandy Carson

Making a documentary has to be the hardest challenge in filmmaking.

Even to make a shitty one would be tough. Mountains of footage to edit, piles of photos to comb through, and a large list of potential people to interview that you can only hope will provide some interesting insight on the subject; and if you’re really lucky, a couple of clever quotes. Then once compiled, spending years assembling it all together into a cohesive story.

I say this like I have any idea, but I’m just guessing. I have no clue how to make a documentary and would probably botch the simplest task in even starting the project. That said, I am very judgmental of other people’s work being that most of the time I think documentaries are a mess. A great story can end up dull and forgettable with a director that is out of their league, and a smart director can make the lamest personality shine with the right soundtrack and a handful of salvageable lines.

Thankfully for the BMX world, Go Fast Pull Up: the Jimmy LeVan Story is the whole package. Since I’m rarely on the internet, I knew nothing of this project until I received an email from Props about its release on DVD and bluray. I ordered it within the hour and received it five days later the evening before leaving to go to a BMX national. I watched it in full until 1:00am that night and then woke up consumed with it at seven the next morning and watched it again before we left.

Director and editor Chris Rye has been putting out great work forever, but I had no clue he was capable of this level of storytelling. The film is a tight, masterfully put together piece of work. It follows Jimmy LeVan’s life in BMX from his younger days racing through his greatest triumphs and hardest slams. Rye even went as far as re-visiting and re-shooting the locations of some of the most iconic gaps of Jimmy’s career. Seeing these monsters filmed in HD and coupled with aerial drone shots cements them into legend and gives you a real look at what kind of rider it took to conquer them. A couple of locations have Jimmy onsite present day, walking you through his setup and the thought process he was going through on the day.

Jimmy LeVan is a personality who could have thrived in any venue of life. He’s just kind of magnetic. The adoration from everyone interviewed speaks volumes. All legends in their own right (including Susie and Moto Moms), the love and respect for Jimmy is unquestionable. Todd Lyons is hysterical describing the formation of the mid-90’s Huffy team and how LeVan was a “weird” fit. And John Paul Rogers has one of the funniest lines in the movie about when Jimmy woke up after being knocked unconscious at an early ABA dirt jumping comp.

Rye does a fantastic job with LeVan’s youth, his S&M years, the Metal Bikes years, Jimmy’s head injury and the two week coma that followed. There are no awkward interviews, no wandering story arcs, and no unnatural narration. Just a solid account of a fuckin’ rad BMX’er who touched and inspired many.

Jimmy LeVan’s story is worth hearing. He deserves to be remembered. He deserves this caliber of a documentary. Chris Rye deserves much appreciation for layering this much passion and labor into a film of this quality. This is the ‘Church Gap’ of BMX documentaries.  There are so many more stories in BMX that deserve to be told and if we’re really lucky, Rye will tell us some more.

– Jeff Mozer

Order a copy of Go Fast Pull Up and support independent filmmaking in BMX.

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“Go Fast Pull Up” UK Premiere at House of Vans London

After 3-1/2 years in production, Go Fast Pull Up: the Jimmy LeVan Story is having it’s UK premiere at the House of Vans London!

House of Vans London
Arches 228-232, Station Approach Road
London SE1 8SW

– Thursday, April 4
– Movie starts at 20:00

– Movie is 1hr 45min running time
– Free screening


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“Go Fast Pull Up” World Premiere at Swampfest

After 3-1/2 years in production, Go Fast Pull Up: the Jimmy LeVan Story is having it’s world premiere at Swampfest 2019. The J Man himself will be in attendance!

Mount Dora Community Building
510 N. Baker Street
Mount Dora, FL 32757

– Friday, March 29
– Doors open at 7:15pm, movie starts at 8pm
– Movie is 1hr 45min running time

– Approx 12 miles from Swampfest grounds
– Free to Swampfest attendees
– Parking on nearby streets or parking lots (venue does not have its own lot)
– Beer, wine and liquor may be purchased at venue ($5, $6, $7)
– GFPU copies will be for sale after the movie in Bluray and DVD versions
– Jimmy’s replica Standard Trailboss from Road Fools 1 will be on display for Midschool fans


Parking lot maps

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Tread Magazine PDFs

Over the years there have been countless requests for PDF files of the four Tread issues we published in 1996-97, which was edited, photographed and designed by Chris Hallman.

We pulled the staples and scanned them flat in high quality, then used a special plugin to remove the moire pattern from the images.


Issue 1 | Download PDF (61.4MB)

Issue 2 | Download PDF (59.9MB)

Issue 3 | Download PDF (89.4MB)

Issue 4 | Download PDF (82.2MB)

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Box Set Easter Eggs

When we created our historic box sets we included some “easter eggs” hidden within the menu navigation structure. These were meant to be found either by accident or by determined individuals with hours and hours to kill searching every possible button combination. Amazingly all these have been found now, most notably by Anthony Napolitan who posted some up on his Instagram account in early 2017.

So here they all are. If you own any of the box sets you just unlocked some new content to watch!

Road Fools Box Set
1) Huffy Annihilator Jimmy LeVan section – Disc 1 > Road Fools 1 menu > Day 12 > Down > Enter
2) RF9 Jock Jams uncut – Disc 1 > Road Fools 9 menu > Day 5 > Down > Enter

Props Box Set
1) Poorboy 500 Miles – Disc 1 > Issue 5 popup menu > Credits > Right > Down
2) Rick Moliterno & Standard ESPN piece – Disc 1 > Issue 17 popup menu > Rick interview > Right > Enter
3) Schwinn American Muscle – Disc 1 > Issue 17 popup menu > Foster interview > Left > Enter
4) Nate Wessel Discovery short – Disc 1 > Issue 26 popup menu > Wessel interview > Right > Enter
5) FBM Albert Street – Disc 2 > Issue 37 popup menu > FBM jam > Left > Enter
6) Ride Network Heros – Disc 3 > Issue 62 popup menu > WI scene report > Left > Enter
7) Randy Forever – Disc 3 > Issue 69 popup menu > Taylor interview > Left > Enter
8) Aspire Brian Kachinsky – Disc 3 > Issue 70 popup menu > Kaching interview > Right > Enter
9) Etnies Forward – Disc 4 > Issue 72 popup menu > House check > Right > Enter
10) DK Damn Kids – Disc 4 > Issue 78 popup menu > DK trip > Left > Enter

Baco Box Set
1) Standard Style Cats – Extras > Deco Extras > Baco Extras > Right > Enter

Megatour Box Set

* 3rd party content used with permission

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BTS – Rick Moliterno & Standard Byke Co

We originally produced this as a 4 part series for the ESPN website in the summer of 2015 but we’re re-up’ing here with all parts together in case anyone missed it. Happy 51st birthday Rick!

Last year we visited Davenport, IA and shot an extensive interview with BMX legend and Standard co-founder Rick Moliterno. This 4 part mini-documentary series tells the story of Rick’s early beginnings, the founding of Standard Byke Company, a subsequent move to an in-house machine shop, a look at Rick’s current riding, thoughts on past and current team riders, what the future holds for Standard and much more.

Part 1: Moliterno discusses his rise through the pro ranks and the decision to start Standard Byke Co.

Part 2: Moliterno discusses the early innovations in BMX technology made through Standard Byke Co.

Part 3: Moliterno discusses his current relationship with riding, and enjoys a mini ramp session on his indoor ramp setup.

Part 4: Moliterno discusses what it takes to keep the Standard team going, and plans for the future with SBC.

Produced and edited by Chris Rye for ESPN/Props.