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Anthem Sean Burns Raffle Update

Update 4-24-20 via @sean.burns.recovery

Good news and bad news:⁣

Good news is that we have a few more sick prizes to add to the Sean Burns benefit raffle.⁣ Bad news is that we are going to postpone the drawing for another couple of weeks. This whole COVID-19 mess has international shipping all over the place and a lot of people who ordered shirts or stickers, still haven’t received them yet. Check back here on May 8th for an update. Maybe we’ll even get a few more prizes added to the pot before then. ⁣


Also, wanna take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for contributing to the recovery fund. The response has been amazing and it’s incredible to see the BMX community coming together to help one of their own. Much love.

We have decided to postpone the Sean Burns benefit raffle ticket drawing until Friday, April 24th.

The reason being is that we’re getting complaints from people who haven’t gotten their tickets yet. Although, that doesn’t matter – there is no time limit on the raffle. When the winning tickets numbers are posted just compare your ticket numbers when you get them. No one else can claim a winning ticket except the ticket holder and the prizes will be held until someone claims them. 

Plus, we will be posting a few more prizes before the drawing happens. 

Winning ticket numbers will be posted here under Recent Posts and also on Instagrams @anthem.bmx, @sean.burns.recovery & @realpropsbmx.

Good luck to everyone. 

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“Go Fast Pull Up” now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc

After a few months wait, our 2019 feature-length documentary Go Fast Pull Up: the Jimmy LeVan Story is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Redbox, Xbox Video, Vudu and Vimeo in most countries!

Dynamic Link



Google Play





Hard copies with the book are still available too in Bluray or DVD format.

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Tread Magazine PDFs

Over the years there have been countless requests for PDF files of the four Tread issues we published in 1996-97, which was edited, photographed and designed by Chris Hallman.

We pulled the staples and scanned them flat in high quality, then used a special plugin to remove the moire pattern from the images.


Issue 1 | Download PDF (61.4MB)

Issue 2 | Download PDF (59.9MB)

Issue 3 | Download PDF (89.4MB)

Issue 4 | Download PDF (82.2MB)

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BTS – Rick Moliterno & Standard Byke Co

We originally produced this as a 4 part series for the ESPN website in the summer of 2015 but we’re re-up’ing here with all parts together in case anyone missed it. Happy 51st birthday Rick!

Last year we visited Davenport, IA and shot an extensive interview with BMX legend and Standard co-founder Rick Moliterno. This 4 part mini-documentary series tells the story of Rick’s early beginnings, the founding of Standard Byke Company, a subsequent move to an in-house machine shop, a look at Rick’s current riding, thoughts on past and current team riders, what the future holds for Standard and much more.

Part 1: Moliterno discusses his rise through the pro ranks and the decision to start Standard Byke Co.

Part 2: Moliterno discusses the early innovations in BMX technology made through Standard Byke Co.

Part 3: Moliterno discusses his current relationship with riding, and enjoys a mini ramp session on his indoor ramp setup.

Part 4: Moliterno discusses what it takes to keep the Standard team going, and plans for the future with SBC.

Produced and edited by Chris Rye for ESPN/Props.

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Brooke’s Farewell

In the summer of 2015 we had planned to shoot a video with Glenn Salyers and his girlfriend and fellow BMX’er Brooke Betancourt. Unfortunately Glenn died in a tragic motorcycle accident (it wasn’t his fault) before we could start shooting. About 2 months after the accident, Brooke mentioned she wanted to put together a mini-documentary about the whole ordeal, their relationship, her feelings and where she might go from here. Needless to say, we offered to help. The resulting documentary is called “Brooke’s Farewell”. RIP Glenn, only the good die young brother.